Mixed media Album cover

Watching mixed media art tutorial videos is one of my favorite activities. Recently I came across Such a Pretty Mess. Since then I have been visiting this blog regularly.

I wanted to make a travel journal for my recent trip. So accordingly i was choosing elements and themes for my journal.

I pulled out some of the very old products which were still lingering in my stash, plus a few from my trash accessories like pearl pendant and even some old metal keys.

I bought some wooden embellishments, card stock, texture paste and some stencils.

So I had this beautiful chipboard cover. I know it is too pretty to modify.
But seriously i had no option :D

Anyways, here are some of the wooden embellishments I got from local store.

In an excitement I used my new stencils and camel texture paste and realized it is not so easy to apply with old credit card. But then I tried it for several times on some trash paper and voila!! I was ready to start working on my piece of art. lolz

I added some random textures on cover. Really I did not think of anything but to cover all the space available.

I assembled elements several times before deciding final layout.

Finally I covered whole cover in thin layer of texture paste. To do so I added water in equal amount to texture paste.

For adding more interest to the background, I added embossed paper pieces randomly.

When dry, the page was painted with acrylic colors - Gold, Green, Green and Pink 

Added some flowers.

Then I highlighted textures with black marker to make sure my texture pops out well through shimmery colors. While applying colors I was not really looking using specific color at specific place, but i was keeping track of color combinations. I guess scrapbook is all about Imperfect perfections.

So my journal cover is now ready. I may apply some more coats of colors again, but as of now this is my final version.

I had so much fun while creating this project. Hope to create many more in future.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please leave you comments and suggestions if any :)

Have a good day.


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